Established since 2003, Fortress Bank International Banking Unit Ltd., is licensed to provide financial and banking services on a global level by rendering all types of banking services aiming to be at the forefront of the international banking system.

Fortress Bank International Banking Unit Ltd., is mandated in offering complete international banking services to all International Clientele from any jurisdiction, both on a Personal and Corporate level and to any individual or corporate resident or registered outside of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

We offer variety of services that any international bank does, and all that can be done remotely with high level of confidentiality and privacy.

Fortress Bank International Banking Unit Ltd., is subject to, and in compliance with, all relevant legal and regulatory requirements set forth by the Central Bank of TRNC.

Operating in accordance with the Banking Secrecy Act and International Banking Law (#41/2008; R.G.146, 05.08.2008; , Fortress Bank International Banking Unit Ltd., is licensed and permitted to comply with international banking activities only and provides secure financial and banking services, asset and portfolio protection management that is recognized internationally.

We provide advisory tailored services by cutting through the complexities resulting from your local, regional and international business pressures. With a wealth of industry experience and specialist knowledge, our banking professionals can help you address your business needs.

Fortress Bank International Banking Unit Ltd., is licensed to provide all types of International Banking services, including but not limiting to International Trade Finance, Fiduciary & Escrow Services, Trade Finance, International & Cross Border payments, wealth and Investment banking Services under one umbrella aiming to fashion a Boutique Banking culture.

Since its establishment, the bank held the policy of stable development, to become stronger in the international cross border banking sector, and to make sure that the services become better quantitatively, as well as qualitatively.

In order to meet the requirements of all private and corporate clients, we intend to provide high quality international banking services and rehabilitate to establish highly-motivated staff and as a result provide dynamic growth of profitability and the investment value of the Bank.

“Your International Banking Partner Across The Borders”

Fortress Bank International Banking Unit Ltd., aims to provide the following international banking services:

  • International Payments
  • Operations with trade financing, investment & wealth management;
  • Rendering all types of currency operations;
  • Submitting credits, Collateral Based Funding, Trade Finance, Investment & Fund raising for projects.

Audit is an integral part of corporate governance. While safeguarding their independence, the external auditors closely coordinate their work with our Internal Audit. The GM, and ultimately the BoD, supervises the effectiveness of audit work.
Our auditors are D.K. Deniz & Co. Denetim

The articles of association are the basic legal document of the company and therefore have to be submitted for approval to the shareholders’ meeting.
Please click here to download a copy of Certified Articles Of Association of Fortress Bank International Banking Unit Ltd.

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